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Offices of ADAMS and HOOK CPAs LLP, Bessemer City, NC



The US District Court in the Eastern District of Texas granted the nationwide preliminary injunction,
saying the Department of Labor’s rule exceeds the authority the agency was delegated by Congress. 
Worker’s making less than $47,500.  that would have been subject to
OVERTIME PAY will not take effect December 1st, 2016.


A change in open office hours effective January 2, 2017:

We will be closing for lunch from 12:30 until 2:00 due to limited staffing . This will remain effective until further notice.

[David’s 2:00 appointments will still be the same, call 704-729-4324 if any issue occurs.]





Effective May 1, 2014, David A Hook has become the NEW Managing Partner for ADAMS and HOOK CPAs LLP

Glenn and Sharon Adams have reverted to semi-retired mode.  Some changes may occur over time simply due to less hours being at the office but any change affecting any client will be discussed well in advance of any such action.   IRS (and the current administration) have played havoc on tax filings and dependability of tax software coupled with a wide variety of daily changes just makes now the time to pull back.  Please call the office if you have any questions and remember that the Google access numbers are available in case of any emergency (like winning the lottery!).

Regular telephone numbers are still valid 24/7: 704-629-2211, Voice (with Voicemail 24/7) and 704-629-2212, Fax

[Glenn, Extension 100; David, Extension 102; and Sharon, Extension 101]

 The estimated date IRS will open individual income tax return filing is January xx, 2017 with some forms not available until later dates!

 Memo for business clients:  W-2 ‘s will be processed on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Also the DEADLINE for filing W-2’s and 1099’s with the government is now JANUARY 31st. This is a change from prior years.

 Fiscal Cliff put in a much better perspective.

One CPAs perception of Congress and Presidential LEADERSHIP

It appears time for drastic action due to the PATHETIC action or NON ACTION to avert the ‘impending fiscal cliff’.

RECOMMENDATION:  No payroll or expense to anyone in Washington, DC in any way connected to the tax issues at hand.  If any employed person in the United States did their jobs as poorly as  shown by the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives they would face immediate TERMINATION.  What makes anyone in Washington able to have any different standard of job performance not to mention LEADERSHIP to make decisions in the best interest of the American public.  We need “COMMON SENSE and COMPROMISE” for the Nation to ever move forward.  If you agree, write or call your elected representative and VOICE your concerns!  G. Glenn Adams, CPA


“Do unto others as you would have then do unto you! [The ‘old’ golden rule]”

Two things in life NO ONE can do:  (1) You cannot drink yourself SOBER and (2) You cannot borrow yourself out of DEBT — maybe the US Government will eventually learn this before we go UNDER.


Welcome to our NEW ‘electronic/virtual office’ to better serve our clients and provide a better ‘Quality of Life’ for our Staff.


NEW Tax Season hours effective Monday, January 1, 2017 are as follows:

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

For Clients that we still do monthly posting work for: 

We are changing the beginning date due for work dropped off at the office, due to the fact that the banks are later in getting bank statements ready and/or slower to get thru the mail by the USPS (or better known as snail mail).  We recommend that all businesses use ‘electronic bank statements’, if possible.  Call us if needed.  Monthly posting data due here no later than the 9th of each month!



For tax season all individual or business tax return times are by APPOINTMENT ONLY and have been PRE-SET.



Our NEW office ‘After Hours and Deliveries/Emergency’ access lines are;

704-729-4DAH (4324) [for David]


704-729-4CPA (4272) [for Glenn]

[These are Bessemer City assigned numbers]

Any comments or suggestions as we implement this new way of doing business will be appreciated. Thanks David and Glenn

Part Time Accounting Position Available to QUALIFIED APPLICANT

You can click on the Application Form attached or send your resume to:  ADAMS and HOOK CPAs LLP,

PO Box 7, Bessemer City, NC  28016-0007

[Typing skills; 10 key adding machine usage; MS Excel, Word, Outlook and Intuit QuickBooks required]



TAX RETURN PREPARATION Not-available (Regular In House or On Line below)

Online individual income tax prep:  SELF TAX PREP.com (not available for 2016 returns.)

Type in “www.selftaxprep.com (not available this year)” to access our online individual tax return prep software as low as $0.00 (Federal return only) with electronic filing included beginning with IRS release effective xxxxx, 201x (NOT AVAILABLE for 2015 FILINGS).

OR….just click here! (2015 Online Software is expected to be fully functional on NOT AVAILABLE for 2015).

Call 704-629-2211 (not available this year) for more information –  Hopefully a new software will be  available for 2016 returns.



North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants

G. Glenn Adams #3652, Partner
David A. Hook, #14234, Managing Partner as well as Audit and Technical Partner
122 W. Virginia Avenue Front Entrance Plaque

122 W. Virginia Avenue Front Entrance Plaque

IMPORTANT * www.nccash.com to see of NCDoR owes you MONEY.

Click here for 2017 A&H rules for 1099 preparation.  This applies to ALL clients.


**NEW ‘EFTPS rules’ FOR 2017** [Federal electonic deposits for taxes.]

Another case of our ‘do nothing’/inefficient US Congress ‘at work’ as we call it!


Watch this web page for specific dates when available.

We will offer a QuickBooks™ PRO 2017 training class beginning Xxxember 30, 20xx (see dates below) (minimum class size is 10).

We have now planned a Quickbooks™ PRO 2017 (Premier-Accountant Edition) training class scheduled for Tuesday, Xxxember 30, 20xx, (7-9 pm); Thursday, Xxxember 2, 20xx (7-9 pm) and on Saturday, Xxxember 4, 20xx, (9-12; 1-4pm). PRICING: $249 for one attendee; $239 per attendee for two or more participants from the same business entity/company. If you are interested in attending this class, please call 704.629.2211 or email to ’glenn@adams-hook.com’ and reserve your seating with a $50. deposit to be applied to the cost of the class.

We reserve the right to cancel this class if a minimum of ten (10) registrants are not achieved.
Additional training schedule dates and times will be posted on this site as soon as they are determined–these classes will be on an ‘as needed’ basis. Call, email or fax your request for registration. Continue to check this site for specifics as they become available. Check the “Professional” button, drill to the bottom, then send an automatic email to inform us of the specific training your company is looking for. We are currently considering training classes in MS Excel™; MS Word™; Internet Connection/Usage. Those of you who are interested in attending a QuickBooks™ training class in the future should contact us to reserve your seating.
Click here for QuickBooks™ registration form (‘pdf’ format) –Current clients only need to call to confirm seating!

ADAMS and HOOK CPAs LLP Fax Number is 704-629-2212

Glenn and David are both licensed to practice in North Carolina and South Carolina
Both are members of the AICPA and the NCACPA

“Aspire to Inspire…before you Expire.”

author unknown

TAX NOTEBOOK…a superb online ‘tax organizer’ view details below:

Being a RICH person is NOT the person with the MOST,
but the person who needs the LEAST. Think about IT!

The Brown Adams Family Tree, click here

May GOD Bless America in 2016.

See our PRIVACY STATEMENT by clicking on the PROFESSIONAL button.


Individual Online Tax Preparation at selftaxprep.com (Not available for 2015 returns)

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